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Electric Insect Killer

Electric Insect Killer draws in and slaughters flying bug bothers neatly and productively, without utilizing unforgiving synthetic concoctions or showers. It is accessible in two sizes. Free your outside living territories of mosquitoes and other flying creepy crawly bugs. This killer works by pulling in flying creepy crawlies with its high-force UV light and octenol bait. As creepy crawlies fly toward the light, they go through a vertical bar charged lattice and are slaughtered rapidly and neatly. Tough, weatherproof polycarbonate development won't rust, break, or blur. Provided Electric Insect Killer is outfitted with self-cleaning networks, and requires no exceptional support. Creepy crawly stays, uncontaminated by pesticides, tumble to the ground to be normally assimilated once more into the biological community.

Key Features:

  • Help draws in flies and mosquitoes towards framework
  • Deals with imitation guideline
  • Has been fitted with high voltage wires
  • Tube-light in a split second kill insects through an electric stun