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Rat Bait Station

Rat Bait Stations are an essential piece of bedeviling. They fend off trap from youngsters, domesticated animals, pets and different creatures, and additionally shield lure from dust, soil, dampness and different contaminants so draw remains crisp longer. Utilize them additionally to screen rat movement to decide regions of substantial and mellow pervasion. Made of substantial, infusion formed plastic, Rat Bait Stations endure the hardest bedeviling circumstances inside and out. It's sufficiently vast to oblige six rats and holds up to one pound of dry snare and one 16 ounces of fluid goad. Level and vertical snare anchoring poles keep bait safely in the station.

Key Features:

  • Even and vertical lure anchoring poles
  • Goad additionally keeps going longer in view of the poles
  • Locks with a Locking Screw
  • Can likewise be bolted with a latch