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Mouse & Rat Glue Trap

Our Glue Traps are made utilizing characteristic or manufactured glue connected to cardboard, plastic plate or comparative material. Snare can be set in the middle or an aroma might be added to the glue by the maker. Paste traps are utilized basically for rat control inside. These traps are not powerful outside because of ecological conditions (dampness, dust), which rapidly render the cement insufficient. Paste strip or paste plate gadgets trap the mouse in the sticky paste. Glue Traps now and then don't slaughter the creature, with the goal that one should need to murder the creature, particularly a rodent, before transfer.

Key Features:

  •     Are sheltered and ecological cordial
  •     Alright for pets and people
  •     Non toxic and non scent trap
  •     Most valuable in getting rats and mice

Product Image (PXGL-007)

Mouse Glue Trap

Price: 28.00 - 45.00 INR/Piece

Mouse Glue Trap, Small Medium, Mouse glue Board

Product Image (01)

Rat Glue Trap

Price: 60 INR/Piece

Glue Traps for mouse & Rat.