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Anti Termite Treatment Services
Termites are those elements that can significantly hard wooden materials at home. Hence, we provide both pre- and post- anti-termite treatment services to varied areas. We use quality solvents that can give years of relief from different species of termites.
Termite Control Piping System
Pipes, tubes, and fittings are those areas in which pests and termites make homes for themselves. To protect the users from immense damages and acute diseases, we give Termite Control Piping Systems at reasonable rates.
Rat & Rodent Control Services
There are animals that create homes in deep and dark areas while populating themselves at a larger scale. Hence, our Rat and Rodent Control Services are effective solutions to get rid of varied species of vermin.
Mosquitoes & Flies Control Services
Keep yourself safe from malaria and fever bacteria and infections by simply availing the offered Mosquitoes and Flies Control Services. Under these, we never leave any corner for treatment through our self-made concentrations.
Moisture Control Treatment
For providing great relief from moisture damages, we thoroughly inspect a building to access an effective control plant under our Moisture Control Treatments. They are rendered in two manners such as desiccants and silica gels.
Cockroach Control Services
Through cockroaches, we generally get varied kinds of infections and bacteria. Therefore, to provide alleviation from such elements, our company renders effective, cost-savvy and natural Cockroach Control Services all over the nation.
Silica Gel
We are delivering four variants of Silica Gels such as white, blue, small pouches and mix variants. They have a great capacity to retain moisture from the packed products.
Mosquito Nets
To combat with indoor insects like flies, pests, and mosquitoes during sleep time, tie our Mosquito Nets around the bed for complete safety. These are woven in different colors to suit the installed decorum.
Rodent Bait Station
Our Rodent Bait Stations are small boxes that are designed specifically to trap rodents of all kind in a human way. They are provided in two models but each one is compact and smaller by nature.
Glue Trap
To catch the rats of home, we have designed super sticky and efficient Glue Traps. They are minimalistic in nature and can be installed anywhere in the house.
Insect Killer Machine
We have Insect Killer Machines that are electrically operated. They radiate energy that kills insects such as flies, mosquitoes and many more by giving them shocks. These are compact and faster to install.