Rat & Rodent Control Services

To get rid of rodent is definitely not an easy task. They burrow and gnaw in your premises all the time and can spread disease and contaminate food. You will need professionals at your service. We, at Pacific Pest Management & Fumigation Services, are experienced service provider, who can render quality Rat Control Treatment and Rodent Control Services. The rodent can cause a massive damage in your house, commercial building or factories, like:

  •     Foundries
  •     Food processing units
  •     Pharmaceutical industries
  •     Paper industry
  •     Warehouses
  •     Hotels and restaurants
  •     Soap and oil manufacturing plants
  •     Railway stations & Airports
  •     Power generating plants

Rodent Bait is the procedure we use for rat and mice control. As a part of our planned programme of antipest activity, we use best quality, Eco-friendly chemicals to protect your premises and your health from existing rodent infestation. We have special formulations for both, indoor and outdoor spaces. You can contact us anytime and we well help you in:

  •     Efficient control of rats and mice
  •     Make a planned programme after surveying your space
  •     We will regularly monitor the situation
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Rodent Control Services

As a leading service provider, we are providing Rodent Control Services in various sectors such as pharmaceutical industries, food processing units, restaurant & hotels, paper industry, manufacturing plants and so on. Our professionals use the best quality chemical and technique to provide this service.


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