Termite Control Piping System

Termite Control Piping System otherwise called Pipe Reticulation system is a progressive framework intended to adequately treat the territory under solid pieces or before ground surface is done. It is framework which is replenishable dissimilar to more seasoned termite treatment strategies. The reticulation framework is a system of underground extraordinarily composed funnels (rubberized layer) to instigate against termite synthetic consistently all through your Building's establishments. Directing the synthetic stream, this Termite Control Piping System secures against attack by termites in future which would somehow or another enter from the outside of your home or from under the floor.

Key Features:

    No exhuming or boring the gaps in floor
    Repetitive work of expelling the furniture
    No sharp scent of the termite concoction
    No presentation of bug sprays to inhabitants of the building

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Anti Termite Piping System

Anti-termite piping system is also called pipe reticulation system. It is a network of specially designed underground pipes, effective for inducing anti-termite chemical throughout the foundations of a building. The system offers robust protection for your home. It acts as a very effective termite shield.

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Termite Reticulation Pipe

Termite reticulation pipes offer easy installation and long-lasting protection. It is useful for residential and commercial buildings. The reticulation piping provides an efficient termite control solution. It provides simplicity, effectiveness and reliability in the application. Also, it supports a clean and environmentally friendly system.

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Piping System For Termite Control

Price: 12/Meter

Our piping system for termite control is designed to be simple & cost-effective. It offers you the maximum protection. There is precise chemical application and adequate coverage for your home. Also our systems meet building codes. They are extremely durable, protective and effective. We keep up with best products as per industry practices.

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Termite Piping Installation Service

Our termite piping installation service is prompt, effective and safe. It is provided with the help of skilled professionals, proven methods and advanced tools. Our work saves your time and money, both. Also, there are concepts of hygiene, efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. We serve for residential and commercial buildings.


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